Data Recovry

Server Hard Disks|PC and laptop hard disks | Damaged RAID5

Don’t worry if you suddenly can’t find your personal information on your laptop or PC.

Don’t worry if your server does not recognize or find the most critical information about RAID0, RAID5 or any other redundant configuration.

We have you covered; we use the newest methods and technology in data recovery in Monterrey and Northern Mexico.

In urgent cases, it takes us a couple of hours to determine the status of your lost data and recover it completely in less than 5 hours. Regular jobs can take longer at a reduced price.

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  • PC and Laptop Disk
  • External hard disks
  • Intentionally deleted information
  • Accidentally deleted information
  • Server hard disks
  • RAID5, RAID0, RAID1 lost configuration
  • We recovered almost all files
  • Forensic work
  • Urgent data recovery work
  • Medium-priority recovery work
  • All work is processed in Monterrey
  • Same day jobs
Excellent service, very fast and very friendly.

Yadira Mata

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A highly trained and professional work team in its services.

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Systems Administrator
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