What is telecommuting (home office)?

Telecommuting is a working modality that organizes work remotely via information technologies and can be performed at people’s homes.


  • Saving time and money on transportation and transfers.
  • Reduction of stress.
  • Significant increase in freedom of action, time flexibility and time availability.
  • Improved quality of life and job satisfaction.
  • Possibility of combining work with other personal activities or other occupations.
  • Increased job opportunities for people with disabilities, women or people who cannot be away from home for long periods.
  • Avoid contagion risks among employees due to illnesses such as the current COVID-19 coronavirus situation.

There are a few things people should consider before opting to become teleworkers:

  • Flexible working hours, adaptable to personal needs, therefore, improves work-life balance.
  • More autonomy and control over one’s work and social environment.
  • Commuting is reduced, saving time and money and reducing fatigue – The place of residence can be selected independently from the location of employment.
  • “Virtual companies” integrate groups of self-employed teleworkers associated with cooperatively offering services.
  • It is necessary to have great self-discipline and motivation toward work.
  • It is essential to be able to organize one’s time.
  • Good knowledge of computers, since you have to solve technical problems that may arise.
  • It is desirable to show a receptive attitude to new technologies.
  • It is advisable to withstand isolation and separate work and family life.

Type of technology used to connect to the company network.

Nowadays, the most used method is through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.

The employee connects to the company’s network through a program installed on their computer or mobile device.

The connection is made securely and with encrypted data to ensure the security of the information.

The company should have the technology to accept these connections or tunnels, one of the most used brands is SonicWALL.

In this way, the employee is virtually connected to his usual work environment and can access corporate network resources, including voice and data.

CAS has more than 15 years of experience connecting users with their companies to collaborate remotely on a temporary or permanent basis.

Source: https://teletrabajonormal.wordpress.com/